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The 1998 study by Meredith Phillips and her colleagues, mentioned earlier, had the greatest success in explaining racial differences in achievement, yet the unexplained portion of the achievement gap on the vocabulary test used in their study was still so large that it nearly exceeded the raw gap in reading and mathematics we found in the Early Childhood Longitudinal Survey data.
000) contributed to explaining the variance in frustration, findings that are supported in the literature (Gomez, 1995; Crotty, 1999).
Promoters then will provide a series of excuses, often in writing, explaining in detail exactly why the investment cannot pay this month, but that it will pay soon.
She stands over briefly assertive "blueys" and humiliates them, explaining that if this makes you sick to your stomach for a few hours, now you understand why blacks die younger.
The Encyclopedia Dictionary of Psychology, agrees that incongruity is important in explaining why some things are funny and others are not, but stresses that incongruity alone is not enough to explain humour in all cases.
Explaining scientific consensus: The case of mendelian genetics (pp.
Paint a picture," he commands before explaining that we see stars at night because light, a form of electromagnetic energy, travels through the earth's atmosphere.
All of this can add up to a couple of hours explaining.
Such explanations extend the popular theories of the late 1960s and early 1970s, when a spate of books appeared explaining human behavior to a lay audience in evolutionary terms.
Bucks next described the constitution and operating organization of the MTC, explaining that there were 20 full members of the Multistate Tax Compact (including the District of Columbia), 15 associate members, and 5 project members.
Explaining the success of their buildings is easy for Wright and Morrows.
The authors try to soothe the anxious executive by explaining that those measuring tools are now available and, if used correctly, could give the companies that adopt them a substantial advantage over their competition.