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I want you to explain to me why you won't exhibit Dorian Gray's picture.
He explains that mules can plough quicker than oxen ("Il.
And this explains how D'Artagnan had quarters in the Rue Tiquetonne, at the Hotel de la Chevrette.
That explains it, then--and what has thus confused your mind, Mr.
He supposed that the general wished to make, incognito, one of those reviews of vigilance which every experienced captain never fails to make on the eve of a decisive engagement: he explained to himself the presence of Athos in this case as an inferior explains all that is mysterious on the part of his leader.
Their purpose explains the intimate tone given to their first conversation and the sudden introduction of Dona Rita's history.
Madame de Maisonrouge belongs to one of the oldest and proudest families in France; but she has had reverses which have compelled her to open an establishment in which a limited number of travellers, who are weary of the beaten track, who have the sense of local colour--she explains it herself; she expresses it so well--in short, to open a sort of boarding-house.
And this circumstance, while it explains the true motives of Lady Susan's conduct, and removes all the blame which has been so lavished on her, may also convince us how little the general report of anyone ought to be credited; since no character, however upright, can escape the malevolence of slander.
No, sir, that is my difficulty, and explains why I brought you out here, where we cannot possibly be overheard.
She explains that by the difference between a 'bus and a hansom.
Yet it existed, and it alone explains his action subsequently, and his influence on the action of others.
He relates to us all the various steps by which his office-boy rose to be the "ruler of the queen's navee," and explains to us how the briefless barrister managed to become a great and good judge, "ready to try this breach of promise of marriage.