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She was now in perfect charity with Frank Churchill; she wanted no explanations, she wanted only to have her thoughts to herself and as for understanding any thing he wrote, she was sure she was incapable of it.
Was the explanation which she had just read really as satisfactory and as complete as it professed to be?
And having done so, entirely on my own account, be it understood, I would add that I believe you too gentlemanly to refuse giving him some explanation concerning your connection with Yanina.
After this explanation I will say, trusting, Delafield entirely in your honour, which I do believe you to possess in a high--"
To them such a process in the medico-judicial world will be unknown, and therefore, they are the more unlikely to accept any such explanation.
Henry and Eleanor, perceiving nothing in her situation likely to engage their father's particular respect, had seen with astonishment the suddenness, continuance, and extent of his attention; and though latterly, from some hints which had accompanied an almost positive command to his son of doing everything in his power to attach her, Henry was convinced of his father's believing it to be an advantageous connection, it was not till the late explanation at Northanger that they had the smallest idea of the false calculations which had hurried him on.
But at college I discovered evolution and psychology, and learned the explanation of various strange mental states and experiences.
First, my opinion: You have no choice but to come to an explanation with Mr.
My poor mother was evidently as far from being satisfied with her own shallow explanation as I was.
This explanation will, I trust, relieve those well-regulated minds, who cannot conceive of such literary lawlessness, from the bewilderment which they suffered when the same experiment was tried in a former book.
Speaker, I have heard with profound attention and entire approval the explanation of the honourable member, and wish to offer a few remarks on my own behalf.
My peculiar relation to the writer of the following narratives is such that I must ask the reader to overlook the absence of explanation as to how they came into my possession.