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Miracle[mir|acle; Pronunciation: mirak(e)l / noun 1 An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws and is therefore attributed to a divine agency: "the miracle of rising from the grave" 1.
Pero lo que no es explicable es que el propio Estado ponga por delante del bien publico los intereses privados de una minoria de inversionistas al transformar la inversion en un fin en si, cuando esta debe ser, por el contrario, un medio--entre otros--orientado a lograr el bienestar general.
The exception is Popeye and Olive Oyl, in that the lack of mutual attraction is pretty darn explicable.
Forensic evidence, if there is any, is inconclusive or explicable, so they should be eliminated from the inquiry.
En el epigrafe del reportaje titulado La Corte y Lydia Cacho: frenon explicable (Proceso 1600), se puso en boca de la periodista la afirmacion de que "la investigacion de la SCJN confirmo que se hallan implicados personajes de la talla de Emilio Gamboa y Miguel Angel Yunes", cuando, de acuerdo con el reportero, Lydia Cacho solo considero que, en el caso de la Corte, "se ha obviado la presencia de Yunes y Gamboa 'porque tiene mucho miedo de que se considere esto como un asunto politico'.
His attempt to make the kamikazes explicable is adequate but not satisfying.
He not only will have held up the Angels for a salary comparable to those of slightly more accomplished free agents Nomar Garciaparra, Juan Pierre, Tom Glavine, Greg Maddux and Frank Thomas; he will have held up his new team and its confounding GM under false pretenses, his inexplicable improvement in 2006 suddenly quite explicable as a one-time surge powered by the juice.
He and business partner Richard Williams set up the firm earlier this year to create products which "get to the point, say it as it is, succinctly and in the most honest and explicable way.
Hennell had written An Inquiry Concerning the Origin of Christianity, which separated the known historical facts about Jesus from the later myths and fantasies, claiming that "Everything that happened to him was explicable within 'the known laws of nature.
A more usual definition holds merely that ID finds some organic matter to be of "irreducible complexity" and thus not explicable as a product of evolution.
The industrial revolution's failure to eliminate poverty, he reasoned, was more explicable if those in the lower orders were inherently inferior.
Sin embargo creo que este fenomeno es perfectamente explicable.