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Clinical Applications in Surface Electromyography demonstrates several effective means to explicate content.
Critics typically explicate Wuthering Heights in terms of Heathcliff and Catherine's struggle with their quasi-incestuous desires.
Boiardo's Orlando Innamorato had to appeal to an audience steeped in romance, and Looney examines and explicates passages that trace the work's transitions and narrative junctures.
In this carefully planned and meticulously orchestrated study, Prahlad first explicates proverbs taken from the "ex-enslaved.
It is an amazingly nervous, synthetic composition that refuses to relax into narrative or stylistic clarity, and Baldessari explicates it provocatively.
Mumtaz Ahmad explicates a similar story, with some different twists, in his survey of the rise of Islamic nationalism in Pakistan.
Star Jason Bateman, who plays the family's lone source of sanity, neatly explicates the series' dichotomy: ``These awkward, sincere moments come as a result of how well the writing sets up the ludicrous moments.
His commentary minutely explicates each poem, almost line by line and adduces numerous parallel passages from other Neo-Latin poets of the century or so before and after Angeriano.
In the chapter on ntozake shange, titled "The Vengeance of Difference, or the Gender of Black Cultural Identity," Olaniyan explicates the differences between her and the writers treated in the first three chapters on the basis of gender.
Reading Dylan as he explicates his album's old blues and Appalachian folk songs (on the ancient "Love Henry": "Henry-modern corporate ma off some foreign boat, unable to handle his 'psychosis' responsible for organizing the Intelligensia, disarming the people, an infantile sensualist"), two thoughts struck me.
It includes history peripheral to the actual World Trade Center and painstakingly explicates political and engineering gymnastics required to hoist the twin towers skyward, only for them to be dismissed by architectural experts and social critics and to sit largely empty for years.
Price Zimmermann explicates the techniques of the widely influential Paolo Giovio.