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While this approach can yield interesting results with writers and critics who are explicitly obsessed with their place in literary history (such as Milton, Samuel Johnson, or Bloom himself) it is less helpful in explicating authors who seem uninterested in such matters--including, ironically enough, Shakespeare.
While carefully explicating its iconography, he suddenly wakes us up with a bit of British camp: "The Bride is a slightly absurd character, and she is not particularly likable; she is a bitch, a tease and a flirt.
Ultimately, the work's importance derives from the interdisciplinary methodology of its contributors, who undertake the twofold task of detecting artistic lines of influence in Roman Baroque decorative arts while explicating their use and symbolic importance in their original context.
Dan Healey has done a magnificent job of excavating and explicating the more complicated history of same sex-relations before, during, and after the Russian Revolution that lurks behind those seven simplistic words.
This ``True West'' opens, unnecessarily, with Willis strutting through the small town of Hailey, Idaho, where he keeps a home, explicating the play's influence on him as a struggling actor - he used scenes from it as audition pieces.
For anyone interested in explicating the American experience, the question is not whether Lincoln is important but rather how he matters.
Deeply learned and carefully argued, these articles evidence Trinkaus's extraordinary gift for explicating the complex theological and philosophical arguments of leading humanists and setting them in intellectual context.
Jesus: The Complete Story'' trots out a lot of computer re-creations of towns of the era, chatter from archaeologists telling us how different digs vaguely relate to Jesus, theologists explicating Bible stories and banal speculation on which relatives Joseph might have visited in Bethlehem and fishing practices circa A.
A great deal of Tilly's problem in briefly explicating his ideas flows from the enormous nature of the change proposed.
In explicating these techniques, Anglo expertly makes his way through a mass of technical t erminology, distinguishing between practical and implausible techniques, establishing differences among national traditions, and measuring change over time.
The rhyme scheme is uniquely disrupted here, and although Raylor's note explicating the reference seems to lay doubt aside, some lingering incongruities remain in the ensuing text.