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If the ways people act in different groupings are sufficiently ad hoc, unified theories may represent only partial explicators, and we may gain deeper understanding by combining multiple frameworks to add dimensions and abandon the older hard science models.
Whether as professors, newscasters, attorneys, or middle managers, we could be positioned to serve as apologists for and explicators, upholders, and functionaries of the status quo.
Collected editions also promise immediate royalties, to which writers respond far more viscerally than the explicators will later care to admit or approve of.
Over the past three decades, Professor Asher Arian of the City University of New York and Tel Aviv University has been one of the most perceptive analysts and explicators of the Israeli political system and its dynamics.
Recent discourse in the fine arts and philosophy lifts the communicative functions of metaphor and analogy up for especial scrutiny, and explicators of music have like-wise, from numerous perspectives, begun to explore the figurative language human beings employ to speak about music as well as the somewhat recondite metaphors that often seem to lie at the heart of music's meanings (one thinks of theorists as different as Fred Maus and Steven Feld, but also of such forebears as Edward Cone and Leonard Meyer--all names invoked here in one context or another).
Few Muslim explicators of Islam ever say things like, "The Prophet himself sometimes openly suppressed or negated older verses"--in a process called naskh--"considering them to have been replaced by newer ones.
An unwholesome, clammy intimacy pervades these sentences that refuse to do their job as explicators, analysts, judges.
Here what Gadamer's explicators call the "effective history" of the text being read, the period of decolonization, provides a clue (Baynes, Bohman, and McCarthy 319).