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There are frequent explicatory comments at the bottom of pages on which terms that are not well known to a non German audience (such as "hamster trips") are explained (p.
Reading Links as a series of scenes, or pieces of stories that interact and relate to one another but do not form a coherent exclusive and conclusive narrative, illustrates the entanglement of displacement and contiguity These narrative and structural strategies thus result in a permanent state of indeterminacy in Links subverting the identification with a mystery novel as well as the journalistic claim to explicatory clarity, objectivity and accuracy.
The moral allegory is promptly explained in the Explicatory Letter to Philip Sidney, where it is pointed out that the subject of the reform is the human soul ("Jupiter") seeking to expel the "beast" of its vices.
32) He recognized his debt to Voegelin in repeated assertions of Voegelin's importance, in many articles explicating Voegelin's work, and even in the size of the portions of his own two collections of essays devoted to these explicatory articles.
Without knowledge of the explicatory literature by authors such as Georges-Albert Aurier, Paul Gauguin, Mondrian, Kandinsky, John Graham, and Barnett Newman, a viewer could not be expected to know that some modern artists sought to represent such things as Platonic forms, the triumph of spirit over matter, the balanced relations of physical and ideal oppositions, or the archetypal contents of the collective unconscious.
Much of the book's verve, which renders the volume palatable to non-Heideggerians, derives precisely from the preservation of its originally oral form, to which bibliographical references and a few explicatory notes have been added.
The fact that family-interfering-with-work conflict declines when spousal support increases (Grzywacz & Marks, 2000) suggests that the parents' extent of egalitarianism with regard to household responsibilities may constitute an important explicatory variable.
Appropriately enough, the explicatory utterances inserted into the spectacle represented a whole spectrum of informative potential.
Written in a clear, easy-to-follow style, the book is well researched, as is evident in the copious explicatory notes, at the end of the book, for each chapter.
The problem with this conventional and largely explicatory reading, however, is that it takes us no further than the mere fact of De Quincey's "odd" attitude to the novel, than the mere fact that he considers "fictitious tales" to be generically inferior to the "Literature of Power.
Quotes from the transcripts that were determined to be the most concise and explicatory of the themes are used to illustrate the findings presented below.