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Then a second and third flying-machine passed between Bert and the American ironclad, dropping bombs also, and a fourth, its rider hit by a bullet, reeled down and dashed itself to pieces and exploded between the shot-torn funnels, blowing them apart.
There you dream that an elephant has suddenly sat down on your chest, and that the volcano has exploded and thrown you down to the bottom of the sea - the elephant still sleeping peacefully on your bosom.
This one leaped lightly into the air and when he came down he exploded and separated into the original six.
His revolver exploded harmlessly in the air, and then another hand wrenched it from him and hurled it far into the underbrush.
Jerry had just gained the doorway when the shell exploded.
The wounded terrier exploded in a futile snap at Michael's tongue and nose.
What puzzled the police was the fact, not merely that he had been shot with his own revolver, but that the revolver had been exploded in the drawer of his desk.
     The man's mill had exploded.
Since we knew nothing about the bomb, and since a bomb actually was exploded, and since the authorities had prepared in advance for the explosion, it is only fair to conclude that the Iron Heel did know.
As the writing proceeded we scholars exploded into smothered laughter, despite our awe of Mr.
The instant after a shell exploded in the garden outside, within a few yards of the window.
Turovtsin exploded in a loud roar of laughter and Sergey Ivanovitch regretted that he had not made this comparison.