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GIVEN to frequent flashes of temper, exploders often over-react, saying things in the heat of the moment they later regret.
Tender notice number : Supply of Digital Electronic Exploder
Chemring Technology Solutions has upgraded the battery for its Shrike MkIV and MkV hard-wired exploders.
The artificial food was created when the extracted proteins were processed through a reaction enhancer and pressed through an exploder.
The subsequent RAF inquiry found that the most likely cause was an airman using a brash chisel to remove an exploder pocket from a 4,000 pound bomb.
For Nanette was the family's sole remaining exploder, the only one of her father's progeny to have inherited his propensity for not stinting when it came to the expression of rage.
Each pack contains four comedy spheres performing the following tricks: we have the Unputtable, which jumps, skids and gyrates to avoid the putt; a Jetstreamer that ejects 15ft of streaming ribbon; an exploder that blows up in a spectacular cloud of billowing smoke, or the Phantom that vanishes on impact into a watery mist.
Lined up for Monday May 7 are Exploder, Just Like Jimmy and Disarm Goliath, while on Monday May 28 the line-up includes Sweet Seduction, Super Real and Vix 'n' The Kix.
The were nicknamed the Blonde Class and later, after a series of accidents, the Exploder Class.
Jack sung the praises of heavy metal in The Metal and mimed along to Master Exploder like "a Satanic Milli Vanilli".
The Exploder will detonate into a mighty cloud of smoke when struck.