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JUNE * US Rear Admiral Charles Lockwood orders magnetic exploders on Mark 14 sub torpedoes deactivated
Exploders often believe that no one will listen to them unless they blow up.
This information can then be used in underwriting to spot increased risk, to identify exploder claims for special handling, to detect patterns that indicate potential fraud, to find subrogation opportunities, and much more.
The dangerous hoard, which included 1kgof explosive black powder and an Arbra Electrical Exploder, were stolen during a raid on a quarry in the Bolton Woods area of Bradford, yesterday.
Available tools include text conferencing, voting, exploder lists.
Mighty riffs and wailing vocals on Exploder and Show Me How To Live suggest that here, at last, is a band fit to fill Led Zeppelin's shoes.
In take home, Wonka Exploder six packs -- lemon and cola flavour ice lollies that fizz like a drink (rsp: 1.
37) The court concluded that "no user could avoid liability under the New York Act simply by directing his or her communications elsewhere, given that there is no feasible way to preclude New Yorkers from accessing a Web site, receiving a mail exploder message or a newsgroup posting, or participating in a chat room.
The four types of e-bomb identified by mi2g include Chain Bombs, Error Message Bombs, Covert Distribution Channel Bombs and Mail Exploder Bombs.
Olsen, agreed that no currently available technology could give a speaker assurance that the participants in a particular mail exploder, newsgroup, or chat room are all adults.
It is an interactive grammar tutorial for ages 9 to 13 that uses inanimate objects like stealth sneakers and exploder fruits for arcade style action, minus the gore.
Often, the exploder merely needs to let off steam and finds the laboratory a convenient outlet.