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The dump of Windows exploits -- arguably affecting the most people and organizations and likely to cause the most damage and embarrassment to the intelligence agency -- has been expected since the hacking group first emerged on the scene last year.
Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered this loophole, which was targeted by exploits distributed via a legitimate government website created to collect public complaints about breaches of the law in the Middle Eastern country.
With regard to reports of cheating and hacking in Grand Theft Auto Online, our team is working on fixes that will remove all GTA dollars gained through any blatant exploits and prevent this from being used again in the future.
Malware which exploits the Windows Shell vulnerability first appeared in mid-July, in the form of the Stuxnet worm, which targeted SCADA control systems developed by Siemens, spreading via USB drives.
Her approach exploits a remarkably efficient algorithm that she developed for searching through long sequences of possible moves to find the best one in games involving incomplete information.
The publisher doesn't own any of your copyright, but he also doesn't work to exploit your song catalog," says Celestin.
The post Exploit leaks led to 5M attacks in Q2: Kaspersky appeared first on Tahawul Tech.
PacSec organiser, Dragos Ruiu told Vulture South that the exploit was demonstrated on a new Google Project Fi Nexus 6.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business was not only tested as an integrated product, but its Automatic Exploit Prevention module, used in all Kaspersky Lab protection solutions, was also tested in isolation from all other protection mechanisms.
Dotkachef is a new underdog exploit kit that first emerged in early 2013.