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The amount of gas that makes a play commercially exploitable is not set in stone, but varies depending on factors like the distance from the shore or the nearest infrastructure.
Or perhaps you are holding back on other potentially exploitable sources of oil--an overactive sebaceous gland, for example, or your spouse's version of hash brown potatoes?
Once desirable customer segments are identified, an effective, cross-organizational data warehouse, decision-support systems and other sophisticated analytical and computational techniques can uncover complex data patterns that might be exploitable.
There are literally billions of dollars in exploitable customer information locked up in the operational databases of companies throughout the U.
Large pools of available capital, the ego and greed of financiers, and the public's notorious, exploitable lack of concern and understanding of high finance (public and private) add up to a potent recipe.
s primary business is the exploration for natural gas and oil utilizing three-dimensional (3-D) seismic and other computer-aided exploration tools and, as market conditions allow, acquisition of exploitable, producing natural gas and oil properties.
The issue may also transform a certain type of common software bug into exploitable vulnerabilities.
Nicaragua alone has geothermal potential of 2000 MW, and the region as a whole has exploitable potential of 5000 MW, reports Elsalvador.
The Iranian oil minister said that the country's exploitable crude reserves have increased to 154.
15 at Kempton is run over a course and distance at which Or Jaune has twice been successful and he has an exploitable handicap mark of 134.
Clerks II'' is mostly about humiliating encounters with customers (Smith favorites Ben Affleck and Jason Lee make obnoxious cameo appearances), the parking lot depravities of Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes and Smith, as always) and torturing the nerdy youngest kitchen slave, Elias (Trevor Ferhman), who suffers the exploitable dual weaknesses of being into Jesus and the Transformers.