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The United Nations (UN) defines child sex tourism (CST) as organized tourism (the nature of which encompasses many activities) that facilitates the commercial sexual exploitation of anyone under 18 years of age.
The World Wildlife Fund is warning that the world's second largest tropical forest, the Congo Basin, could lose two-thirds of its forests within 50 years if logging and mineral exploitation are not curbed.
According to nongovernmental organizations dedicated to eradicate child trafficking and sexual exploitation, Canada is today the second largest source country for child sex tourism in Latin America," Winnipeg based, Beyond Borders says.
Some say that the original words in Greek have been translated in an unnecessarily harsh way that condemns all homosexual behavior when in fact, they contend, Paul was merely condemning homosexual rape and other forms of sexual exploitation.
Now, both cousins are in prison, convicted on sexual exploitation charges.
The extent of commercial sexual exploitation of children is not known, but estimates of 100,000-150,000 girls working in prostitution in Brazil have been suggested.
But it's neither movies, racing cars, books, nor screenplays that this pair of madcap business neophytes discuss in Shameless Exploitation in Pursuit of the Common Good.
This was the last wave of the 19th-century medicine shows--part biology lesson, part sideshow, part morality play, part medical "shock footage"--and to this day many old-tuners regard it as the purest and most successful exploitation film in history.
If you were ever unsure of how sweatshops in this country relate to the exploitation of child labor in Mexico or Thailand, look no further.
Two Japanese teenagers taking part in the United Nations special session on children on Thursday urged the world to prevent sexual exploitation of children by showing more understanding on how prostitution and pornography can harm the well-being of young people.
Playing with ideas of history, class, and doubling, City Self Country Self comments on the pathology of exploitation and the crueler side of human nature.