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921 (2004) [hereinafter Elvis] (finding the video clips not to be fair use because in part the use was not consistently transformative, the use was exploitatively commercial, and the use likely affected the entire market for the use of the clips).
DEMOCRACY, it is now widely agreed - even if the people who agree it do tend to mean by this any regime that enables big business to trade exploitatively without getting its assets seized - is what the world needs.
to: Unsigning with abandon, or exploitatively, would cause their
Coleridge uses these metaphors--the medicated atmosphere, the wine in conversation, the yeast in liquor--to emphasize that in poetry the elements are enlivened, augmented, heightened, rhythmic and buzzing, whatever those elements might be, and that even pain, when it comes into the circle of the pleasure of the poem, becomes pleasure, not because the reader exploitatively enjoys the pain of others but because poetry brings "within the bounds of pleasure that which otherwise would be painful.