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When the exploiter was examined according to abuse types, it was found that sexual abuse was most frequently practiced by a foreigner and other abuse types were practiced most frequently by the father.
Most importantly, slave exploiters and traffickers take advantage of the fact that movement in the globalized world is exceedingly difficult to disrupt.
H1: Distinctive competencies associated with radical innovation will be more strongly related to an explorer orientation than to an exploiter orientation.
We designated each species in each study as an avoider (significantly greater abundance or density away from edges), an exploiter (significantly greater abundance or density at edges), or as having no response (no increase or decrease in abundance at edges) based on the conclusions reached by the authors of each original study except in three cases (Strelke and Dickson 1980, Quintela 1985, and Sisk 1992-neotropical data).
Officers need to realize that not all criminal activity is violent, that not all property is stolen in the night, and that documents need not confuse, but may incriminate and convict guilty exploiters.
La reunion a aborde les relations parlementaires entre les deux pays et les moyens de les renforcer davantage via la revision des legislations qui permettent aux deux pays de beneficier des opportunites economiques et de les exploiter pour l'interet de leurs peuples.
Sa Majeste a en outre invite Ses ambassadeurs a exploiter au mieux les developpements positifs qu'a connus la question du Sahara marocain, a la faveur de l'audacieux plan d'autonomie des provinces du sud sous souverainete marocaine et a assurer la promotion du "Label Maroc", qui tire sa force et sa richesse des reformes profondes initiees par le Souverain.
Apres la multiplication des notifications, des informations et des indices sur l'exploitation des enfants dans les manifestations, il a ete prouve que la plupart de ces enfants sont des orphelins que les manifestants avaient retires des associations caritatives pour les exploiter a des fins politiques.
This time entire nation would contest the elections against exploiter political parties.
He also imparts some interesting - and no doubt painful - insights into the writer's role as an exploiter of other people's misery.
Haven't they realised that Tony Blair is an opportunist,an exploiter of people to serve his own ends?