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Not surprisingly, Milosevic's program of exploiting ethnic tension evolved into the horror of ethnic cleansing.
The patch comes on the heels of a new wave of attacks exploiting the vulnerability in the way versions of Windows from 98 through XP handle malicious files in the WMF.
The advantages of Exploiting Corporate Information Assets (ECIA) in the era of the Information age are numerous.
Zotob can be virulent, and while the bot variants make use of the Plug and Play vulnerability, it also includes code for exploiting other Windows' bugs, including 2004's LSASS vulnerability, the one that Sasser exploited.
With many groups researching vulnerabilities in Bluetooth-enabled devices, the possibility of a worm or some other type of malicious code propagating by exploiting these vulnerabilities increases.
Amram noted that the tactic of exploiting wireless routers in home computers will allow spammers to shift from the somewhat challenging and illegal tactic of using zombies and open proxies.
To secure restricted data and transactions, the integration of the Teros Secure Application Gateway with Netegrity SiteMinder controls user access to protected HTML and XML applications and prevents authorized users from purposely or inadvertently exploiting application vulnerabilities.
Analyses the likely impact of PVRs on existing advertising business models and the required approach in exploiting their capabilities for advertising
Entercept received patent number US 6,412,071 for its method of preventing attackers from exploiting the buffer overflow-related weakness of computing systems.