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Since May of 2001, we have invested more than $8 million in exploration in diamond exploration in the far north of Ontario," says Desrosiers.
Their rationale is that the incidence of multiple gland disease is high and the complication rate of bilateral exploration is low in experienced hands.
Geoscientists with the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines have confirmed what many prospectors and geologists have suspected for years - Ontario is a prosperous region for diamond exploration.
The district geologist for the Ontario Geological Survey has been greeting a steady stream of clients from mining exploration companies seeking advice on the best places to hunt for platinum group metals (PGM).
They (council) have to put direct pressure on the provincial government to either change some of their policies or to encourage exploration through some of the province's incentive programs," explains Parry, who doubles as exploration manager for Total Energold Corporation.
Hawk Junction mining firms utilize government exploration incentives
The down cycle in the mining exploration industry is not going to follow traditional patterns, says Jim Richard, owner of Infoterra Digital Inc.

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