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The Interior Ministry said that the information that was presented to the regional committee, exploratory oil drilling, similar to exploratory water reservoir drilling, is conducted on a regular basis.
The sector spudded 20 exploratory wells, which was significantly more than 12 wells drilled in the comparable period last year while it represented 45pc of full year target of 44 wells.
Onshore exploratory well drilling in Belarus, split by exploration and appraisal to 2015
A Construction Center is expected to have the following components that together address the objectives of a Center: 1) Administrative, Planning, and Outreach Core; 2) multidisciplinary exploratory research projects; 3) prevention/intervention projects; and 4) translation projects.
The first purpose involved the development and score validation of the Attitudes toward Research Design Survey (ATRDS), using exploratory factor analysis.
Photo: (color) Exploratory charters are still trying to boa t yellowtail with greater frequency at Santa Barbara Island, right.
Onshore exploratory well drilling in Canada, split by exploration and appraisal to 2015
Paid for by Thompson Presidential Exploratory Committee Contact: Steve Grubbs, 563-940-1729 Chad Olsen, 712-249-5991 http://www.
7 million, is allocated to continuing exploratory activities, also in existing plays, with approximately 10 percent, or $2.
This exploratory well was drilled to 5,745 feet and tested 6.
The NIEHS invites research grant applications from interested investigators to conduct timely, innovative, and mechanistic research on the importance of genomic imprinting in determining susceptibility to environmentally induced diseases through a program of exploratory investigator-initiated R21 grants.
EPL" or "the Company") (NYSE:EPL) today provided an update on drilling operations, including recent exploratory results.

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