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He added the black marketers have category II explosive license and selling explosive per cotton against rupees 50000 while this cotton is available against rupees 15000 in Wah factory and rupees 13000 in Khatar factory.
ToF-SIMS and other mass spectrometric imaging techniques allow for the simultaneous and direct characterization of all the components in explosives like C4, including the explosive active components, additives, binders, and contaminants.
In contrast, a 2004 study of 253 Baltimore residents estimated a lifetime prevalence of 4 percent for intermittent explosive disorder.
Risks from explosives is one that is receiving increased emphasis, including enhancing explosives detection through improvements of both the training of screeners and in the technology used to explosives.
There are many legal uses, including explosive ones, for what Firefox sold.
It is positioned on the metal surface and covered by a thin explosive sheet, which is then detonated using an embedded fuse.
The first announcement informing travelers of the situation, came over the public address system nearly four hours after the explosive detection alarm was sounded.
With that in mind, there is still much to be gained from an understanding of explosive strength training as long as you recognize that you must apply modifications and caveats carefully in order to avoid injury.
The main goal: to detect "plastic" explosives (see box, p.
For example, an explosive such as nitroglycerin (found in dynamite and smokeless powder) has a high vapor pressure, which causes a significant amount of vapor to emanate from it at room temperature.
The explosive is shipped from the central manufacturing site to the drill site in 20-ton-capacity tankers.