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He can easily score in double-digits in the paint with his explosiveness and size, but needs to work on being more versatile on the court.
It is the effort exerted and the intent of the effort that ultimately generate the explosiveness we look for from exercise - not how fast the implement is being thrown up and down.
Twenty-five years ago, the weight-lifters - the only tutors of the era - "sold" the power clean to our track and football coaches as a means of developing explosiveness.
It affects his explosiveness, his quickness to the ball.
While he has battled plantar fasciitis for the past five weeks, Bryant has insisted his trademark explosiveness would show signs of returning.
We do not believe that any one modality (barbell or machine) has a distinct advantage in stimulating lean tissue growth, enhancing strength and power, improving explosiveness, or augmenting sport-specific skill.
I felt good naman in the first half pero nakita niyo din na wala talaga akong explosiveness kanina and everything was lacking.
When Terrell Owens begged and cajoled his way to the Eagles in an offseason trade, it was to add some much-needed explosiveness to an offense that limped through three consecutive NFC title-game losses.
After his favorite ward held his own against Marquez in their first three fights, the Hall of Fame trainer simply had no doubts Saturday night that Pacquiao's speed, power and explosiveness could still overwhelm the Mexican counterpuncher's defenses.
com, Aguilar earned positive reviews from Levy, who was fascinated with the former Western Kentucky Hilltopper's jumping ability and explosiveness around the rim.
Shaquille O'Neal rarely stops long enough to divulge his feelings these days, so it's not clear what he thinks about his big toe or his conditioning or what he thinks of the notion that he's lost his former explosiveness.
I don't think he's ever going to have that dynamic explosiveness.

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