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It is the effort exerted and the intent of the effort that ultimately generate the explosiveness we look for from exercise - not how fast the implement is being thrown up and down.
If you want your players to improve their speed, quickness, and explosiveness to shoot a jump shot, have them practice shooting a jump shot at game speed.
Luckless is an ever-evolving musical project spearheaded by Ivy Rossiter, a livewire guitar-slinging frontwoman with a reputation for both enchantment and explosiveness.
Maybe in some important moments I didn't feel I had that explosiveness in the legs, but at the end of the day he was just a better player.
I think the explosiveness and quickness of Manny is going to have a big impact on Floyd's performance.
Explosive "There are always things you can work on to improve your power and explosiveness and I'm always thinking about the 90s.
com/n3/1113886-manny-pacquiao-next-fight-floyd-mayweather-will-beat-pacman-marquez-says/) Khan who spars with Pacquiao said that strength, quickness and explosiveness of Pacman will be too much for the undefeated champion and that he will be the one to deal Money his first defeat.
Seoul believes that it is highly likely for the North to attempt to launch an inter-continental ballistic missile with an increased range and higher explosiveness, the report said, adding many observers in Seoul think that Pyongyang will likely launch a long-range rocket late this year or early next year.
A new simulation illustrates the explosiveness of the volcano that lurks beneath Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming.
Seven days later, the 2014 first-round pick donned full pads and got in some 11-on-11 work for the first time this summer and impressed observers with his explosiveness.
Their debut album, The Fall of Math, was released in September 2004, to critical acclaim, described as "an album that can retain the dynamics, fraught tension and climactic explosiveness of its peers and influences, whilst still sounding like one of the most urgent and direct long-player releases of the year.
Ebron's explosiveness pairs well with Megatron and Tate on the outside.

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