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By adding transparency and further streamlining the FMS and exportability processes, government can help industry increase its responsiveness and flexibility.
Beyond DEF Pilot Program participation, PMs always have the option of pursuing defense exportability design and development efforts using funding obtained through ICPs, FMS, DCS, or BPC transactions to implement defense exportability features outside of the DEF Pilot Program.
Stuart Howson, sales manager at Darchem Engineering, said: "This project with the Indian navy is significant as it demonstrates the exportability of our home-grown skills and of our knowledge base.
In the meantime, hopes for an export-led boost are fading due to the slowdown of world demand and also to the low exportability of Greek produce in spite of massive cuts in labour costs enforced over the past two years.
It confirms that the attempts to export democracy by military power jeopardizes it, especially since the question surrounding the exportability of democracy is thorny, in the face of the question surrounding the promotion or enhancement of democracy via values and aid.
exportability requirements up front in the development process.
FPCCI has established its offices in Chengdu and Kunming to improve the trade relations" said President FPCCI while adding that special measures were required to improve exportability of Pakistani products in Chinese Market.
The leach tests also extracted up to 93% of uranium mineralisation, possibly creating a secondary revenue stream for the project, whilst simultaneously serving to boost marketability and exportability of any future HREE product.
aerospace industry could be measured on the backlog of aircraft manufacturing orders, mentorship of internal as well as external customers, and the global exportability of products and services by the US aerospace industry.
4) Corruption bedevils Southeast Asia as it bedevils many regions of the world, and Singapore's and Malaysia's abilities to ameliorate corruption merit close study to evaluate the exportability of their corruption control programs.
commissioning and production processes - because only through exportability