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A reduction of import tariffs increases the output of the exportable good and thus exports, while a welfare increase (due to lower tariffs) increases the demand for the exportable good and thus reduces exports.
Exportable training teams increase training opportunities for the U.
This is true for most exportable raw materials and agricultural products.
Approximately 68% of exportable shrimp are processed in the farms of Bagerhat, Khulna, Satkhira and Jessore.
Not only does the data itself provide retail intelligence, but the online exportable format is really what makes it smart," said Chain Store Guide's Product Development Director, Mike Jarvis.
According to the company, the HEMTT A3 employs Oshkosh's ProPulse diesel-electric drive system, which the company said is capable of improving fuel economy by a minimum of 20 percent and providing up to 200 kilowatts of exportable AC power.
Legacy data is often in a format that is not easily exportable, and the strain of running two parallel systems while the transition is made can wear an IT department to the bone.
Now, since all the original fears in mounting this exhibition proved groundless, Germany is sponsoring a 12-year global tour with a travelling salesman's suitcase of transportable, silk-screened images on anodized aluminium panels, presenting architecture as cultural treasure, marketing event, and exportable product.
And that with the trend continuing, this year, the UK should have an exportable wheat surplus of 3.
THE EUROPEAN Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has given its approval to proposals being debated in Whitehall that Britain scrap its upper 30-month age limit for exportable cattle, ruling the UK should be considered a "moderate risk" for BSE exposure.
A student of Frank Bridge and John Ireland, Britten went on to become England's most exportable and widely performed composer of his generation.
The name Everybody is exportable," said Magennis, marketing director of Glanbia," and the drink is second in the Irish market behind Actimel and in front of Vitality.