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Evans says the push for small businesses to explore exporting opportunities comes as a result of larger companies succumbing to the consequences of limiting themselves to local markets.
You should always be looking at exporting because certain markets go stagnant," Bennett explains.
However, despite the mill's growing role in exporting, he said it does not want to commit itself solely to that business.
Exports of refrigerators and freezers: ten major exporting countries, 1999-2004 trends
COMPANIES NEW TO EXPORTING should take a narrow approach to defining which foreign markets have the best potential for their products or services.
Market shares of the leading furniture exporting countries
We are exporting more American-made Toyotas than ever -- nearly one out of every 10 Toyotas built in the United States," said Doug West, TMS group vice president for export and logistics operations.
We will begin exporting the right-hand-drive Probe GT to the United Kingdom later this year and to Japan in early 1994.
The growth of kitchen hoods imports and the role of kitchen hoods exporting countries in the world marketplace are considered.
When you are new to exporting, you often don't know what you do not know, and that can be costly.
Border states, traditionally known for their close ties to Mexico, are not the only states that are exporting.