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Another option is to locate the geniculate ganglion by exposing the greater superficial petrosal nerve.
In doing so, they unknowingly exploded rockets containing chemical agents, possibly exposing themselves and other troops to low levels of those agents.
Besides exposing the condom to other unfavorable conditions, reuse would prolong its exposure to ozone.
1, nine days after being released from prison, on suspicion of exposing himself the previous day to a 13-year-old girl who was walking to Piute Middle School.
Eran Reshef, Blue Security chairman and CEO, said, "Every minute, tens of thousands of e-mail addresses are accidentally shared over P2P networks, exposing millions of users around the globe to unsolicited e-mail.
Studies by several groups have shown that exposing pregnant rats to certain phthalates (di-n-butyl, diethylhexyl phthalate or butyl benzyl phthalate) during the period of sexual differentiation of the pups results in a collection of disorders in the male offspring similar to TDS disorders in men (Fisher et al.
LANCASTER _ A Lancaster parolee who has a history of exposing himself to young girls near schools has been charged with committing the same offense nine days after being released from prison.
Voorhees and his colleagues made this observation by exposing skin samples taken from human buttocks.