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I will also exposit the hybrid model of Gali and Gertler (1999), where a fraction of firms follow a backward-looking rule of thumb convention in setting their price.
For example, Kerr and King (1996) first used the core equations of the New IS-LM model to exposit issues involving interest rate rules for monetary policy that had arisen in my research on small, fully articulated macroeconomic models with sticky prices and intertemporal optimization (King and Watson 1996; King and Wolman 1999).
To exposit this result, it is necessary to introduce a money demand function of the form used by Sargent and Wallace,
aptly exposits the nuances of this critical metaphysics, which maintains a closer link between the objective quidest and human meaning than is found in a classical metaphysics, allowing for an objectivity apart from human perception.
Holcombe also ably exposits the Austrian theory of the business cycle as a theory of economic recession.
Rustom continues this discussion in "Soteriology II," where he exposits Sadra's position that all things are rooted in divine mercy as it is expressed in his Tafsir Surat al-fatiha.
The Founders' Key by Larry Arnn, president of Hillsdale College, explores the unity between the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, criticizes the interpretations that would drive the two asunder, and exposits the Founders' original intent in drafting both documents.
In all but one of the essays in the first section he exposits aspects and trajectories of the Reformed tradition as they come to be transplanted into a Canadian situation from Scotland, England and the Continent.
11) Accordingly, while Augustine holds that God is eminently light which has become manifested, that is, mixed with darkness in the world, Eriugena maintains rather that God is strictly speaking darkness, total incomprehensibility which exposits itself in its worldly apparition in entanglement with light (Carabine 1994:141-152, O'Meara 1992:271).
The parable exposits Psalm 49, a meditation on the futility of a self-aggrandizing life.
Sowell's 1980 book, Knowledge and Decisions, exposits and applies Hayek's insight beautifully.
He lucidly exposits the simple and intuitively appealing basis for socialist economics and social engineering, and proceeds to show the difficulties it leads to.