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Edmondo De Amicis mastered this form of miniature writing, building his accounts of national and international expositions around such recurring elements as the initial panoramic bird's-eye view, the passeggiata through expositional spaces, and the careful enumeration of objects on the micro-scale of the page.
After wading through an hour of the rambling expositional prolix of Act 1, one is grateful for the glistening arrival of Act 2, A Battle in the Wilderness, which has semblance of an engaging conflict, dramatic tension, and character revelations when Hero speculates his personal value: how much, in fact, is he worth?
Interpretation: A Bible Commentary for Teaching and Theology (Atlanta, GA: John Knox, 1982), 22-39; Boice, Genesis: An Expositional Commentary, vol.
For expositional simplicity we suppress parameters [theta], [alpha], and N as arguments of functions when not needed.
For expositional purposes, we will refer to alcohol only when modeling alcohol myopia.
Several portraits are reminiscent of the expositional episodes found early in detective novels, in which a dramatic moment is put on pause to give enough context for the rest of the plot to unfold intelligibly.
This aims to highlight both the expositional readiness of the parables and their missional fittingness For Luke's own catechetical intention integral to the discipleship process.
Although we have suppressed the time subscript for expositional convenience, these estimates of capital income vary from year to year.
It required eliminating a lot of expositional dialogue.
If the writing of House of Cards is wildly uneven to the point of shameless, making so little effort to cover up the dialogue's expositional intent that often Underwood just faces the camera and tells us point-blank what's going on, that conceit (borrowed from the U.
Palmer has given the singers the central storytelling roles; there are some melodic elements, but much of the vocal work is expositional, with the kind of angular recitative that's typical of much contemporary opera.