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Since we know that generations of preachers drew on the stock images of wrath found in the great mendicant collections and in vernacular expositive treatises, we should not rule out the possibility that the wrathful moral failings of Thomas Dey weighed on the minds of more than one of his neighbours, although perhaps not for the reasons medieval moralists might have hoped.
In accepting his argument about overlap, I would conclude that the mayor's utterances were constitutive of the behabitive, expositive, and verdictive families.
12) For Ermenrich, telling the truth about Sualo meant revisiting the site of his bodily experience through the mystical lens of biblical interpretation, an expositive technique he undoubtedly learned from his own teacher, the famous biblical exegete and abbot of Fulda, Hrabanus Maurus (ca.
The expositive makes plain how we are using words in general, and how our utterance fits into the course of an argument or conversion.
If the Conclusiones and the Apologia thus stand apart from Pico's other works, they do so in large part because of the exigencies of expositive clarity, conceptual distinctions, and terminological precision, which forced the use of Scholastic language already codified for centuries for discussion of similar materials.
Beck classifies teaching strategies as 1) associative, 2) deliberative, 3) expositive, 4) individualistic, 5) interrogative, 6) investigative, 7) performative, and 8) technological.