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The Expositor, which was already reeling from perilously declining subscriptions and classifieds thanks to the Internet, barely held on for a year and only in recent months has it managed to retrieve some of its stolen revenues.
Stiver, "Editorial Introduction," Review and Expositor 93 (Spring 1996): 175.
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As I thought about the subject of this article, I decided that my best beginning might be to look back through previous issues of Review and Expositor to see who had written articles on the Old Testament.
The Expositor has been published in more or less the same format in the same building with the same business model since 1852.
At least, this was the method proposed by its foremost expositors.
Sebeok quotes, with some approval, the amateur philosopher Alexander Bryan Johnson (lecturing in Utica, New York in 1825): "My lectures will endeavor to subordinate language to nature, to make nature the expositor of words, instead of making words the expositors of nature" (pp.
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I came to Debaj and found out that I got to teach the way I wanted to teach," he said in a quote in the Manitoulin Expositor.
to a reading of Stringfellow, and Berrigan's funeral homily concludes the book as a fitting tribute to an unforgettable Christian and major expositor of mid-century radical Christianity.