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Patchwriting, a method of rewording or restating information from primary sources, gives students opportunities to develop exemplary habits of expository writing.
The comprehension taxonomy was inductively developed through an analysis of retellings from a variety of elementary students, in a variety of elementary grades, reading a variety of narrative and expository texts (Kucer, 2009a; Kucer & Silva, 1999).
Narrative texts are undoubtedly established in an early years classroom, but as students move into higher grades, expository texts become more common.
This written excerpt illuminates the voice of Jennifer (a pseudonym), who represents pre-service teachers in an urban teacher preparation program who employed culturally relevant and innovative practices, situated in her use of narrative and expository texts.
At times the writing is a little expository as Fuzzy discusses the politics of the time, but these issues are rarely touched upon in YA literature and it's a minor flaw.
Stripped bare of expository dialogue, expensive set pieces and digital trickery, Hazanavicius's love letter to the moving image is tender, romantic and incredibly funny, reminding us that the beating heart of any film is human emotion.
Hershey attacks her thankless role with gusto until Shaye enters psychological battle and reveals the film's ultimate design through expository dialogue.
And multiple-choice and short-answer questions can never have the rigor that is demanded by expository essays.
The 16 research and expository articles from the 2008-09 academic year represent various developments in nonlinear partial differential equations.
Simply written in expository prose, "The Lives of Stars" has chapters that define how a star is born, the H-R diagram (a way of measuring the intensity of stars that reveals the star's projected life story), descriptions of many different types of stars, star clusters, the origin of the elements, and what to considre about the possibility of life in space, to name just a few.