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This figure shows the average exposure dose in a graphical form in which the individual zone doses are ordered, averaged, and plotted against the fraction of total area.
The aim of the work is to evaluate the exposure dose rate of reference biota of the Ignalina NPP cooling basis--Lake Druksiai (within the range of ERICA computer code valid in the European Union) by applying probabilistic methods based on experimental data accumulated during 1989-2003 and taking into account ecotoxicologic investigation of Lake Druksiai water and bottom sediments.
There is essentially no variation in the exposure dose throughout the building.
To illustrate the application of exposure dose in a relative exposure metric, a value of n = 1 is used for the remainder of the analysis.
The final clinical outcome (cancer, asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, atherosclerosis, or coronary diseases) seems to be less dependent on the toxic potency of the pollutant or of the exposure dose and more on the individual susceptibility of the host (Cetta 2009a, 2009b).
Vom Saal said that for levels to be higher in people when measured, their exposure dose must be greater than that given to the monkeys.
One of the dose features is the GRID-pulsed fluoroscopy that sharpens the waveform to maximize pulse efficiency and allows the selection of the most suitable mode of pulsed fluoroscopy to minimize exposure dose.
These small slivers lead to exposure dose inaccuracies when the mask is exposed, which in turn result in dimension inaccuracies.
In situ OCD measurement enables Advanced Process Control (APC) systems utilizing "real time" CD measurement to adjust vital parameters such as scanner exposure dose.
Patients benefit from less invasive treatment and a reduced exposure dose.
In both the animal and human data, as the exposure dose increases the apparent half-life decreases, indicating an inducible elimination of TCDD.