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And how should the judiciary approach this task of expounding the restrictions that individual rights place upon social policies and legislative choices?
Turning to poet-physicians, Sorsby shows that while Francois Beroalde de Verville presents the Creation as an alchemical transmutation, Joseph du Chesne vilifies the substance of the body by expounding on its corruption after the Adamic Fall.
Whole herds of hobby horses are ridden to exhaustion in the six chapters of this book expounding on geostrategy and military policy, six "myths" about the defense acquisition system, five "realities" that must be addressed if that system is to be fixed, and seven "memos to policymakers," ranging from George Bush to Mikhail Gorbachev, from the U.
The second chapter is an overview of the petrochemical industry of Iran, expounding on the various aspects of petrochemical industry of Iran and its current expansion phase.
In future episodes, Joel endangers his future by insulting a popular athlete after the guy's class lecture expounding the virtues of steroids (remember, this is 1980) - ``I forgot people beat you up in high school,'' he laments.
Expounding our business relations with the Distributors in Thailand - Singapore will offer us as partners access to the strong connections they have in the Military, Industrial, Retail and to distribution methods and contacts in Thailand.
Though not much is known of Lincoln's mother, who died when he was 9, that doesn't stop the filmmakers from expounding on what little they have, and one interviewee ``imagines'' the young Abe rooting in the Kentucky woods ``for berries, hickory nuts, walnuts, probably herbs (and) chasing chipmunks.
PK: PRRM) management released a statement today expounding upon a press release issued January 31, 2005 stating that the company has signed a letter of intent to acquire a majority interest in Stockli USA, LTD.
SIMI VALLEY - Frederick Alexander, dressed in a Revolutionary War uniform like the one worn by George Washington, was at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library on Monday, expounding on the need for more flag-waving.
This report examines the feasibility of blockbuster drug development as a foundation of major pharma growth and proposes alternatives to expansion through M&A, expounding the benefits of in-licensing and then networked growth.
She said then that she had been expounding on the virtues of sex with working-class men aposed to sex with bourgeois men.
Analysts are also expounding a bit of caution, saying that after a dearth of economic news in the last few days, Wall Street will have a few key reports to digest in the coming week, including potential market movers like consumer confidence figures for August, as well as the latest numbers on the housing sector," stated Peter Antipatis.