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He identifies and expounds upon the emergence of three black theological schools of thought.
Reloaded'' expands and expounds (sometimes leisurely, to the irritation of some) on those ideas, but the revelations aren't as earth-shattering this time around, at least, until the final half-hour when we learn some pretty interesting things that change what we thought we knew about the Matrix.
And he expounds upon "the organized appeal made to gay men by the post-[World War II] Broadway musical," suggesting that ostensibly hetero shows like Gypsy may serve better than specifically gay shows like La Cage aux Folles to convey "the homosexual desire that diffuses through 'other' subjects, objects, relations, all over the form.
This is an extremely useful volume that not only provides wonderful recipes, but also expounds on the history of four remarkable Spanish-American women.
By drawing on Wisdom literature--Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and the Gospels--Milton, who alludes to those scriptural texts in his major poems, expounds a view that runs counter to the predominant historical circumstances that favor the return of monarchy to England.
As the commentary in the Navarre Bible explains, the account of creation, while "not intending to provide a scientific explanation of the origin of the world and of man, expounds the basic facts and truths on the subject in a way people can readily understand, inviting us to see the greatness and love of God as manifested first in creation and then in the history of mankind.
is a whimsical picturebook that expounds on tongue-twisting variations of its title.
This is Wade presenting his LOCC(TM) seminar "Paid to Trade", and enhances and expounds on the material covered in this book, Free Stocks.