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Jasper interposes, taking his place at the table with a genial smile, 'and so do you, Ned, that Uncle and Nephew are words prohibited here by common consent and express agreement.
They will then be renewable for one year period, by express agreement, but the total duration may not exceed 4 years.
CommutAir's adoption of the CPP will be a special feature of the United Express agreement.
Our mission is to deliver economic, operational and environmental benefits for long-term customer satisfaction and sustainable growth and with the TNT Express agreement we hope to take the consumption of B5 biodiesel to the next level.
Panel chairman Gordon Sutehall said: "The panel noted there was no express agreement between the registrant (Mr Devlin) and the complainant (Ms Fitzgerald) that he would take over the response to the call and the registrant had clearly stated to the complainant he did not commence duty until 3pm.
Express agreement to contractual changes should avoid ongoing disputes and can remove the threat of tribunal claims.
In 2009, the 2nd Circuit ruled that the arbitration clauses of the American Express agreement were unenforceable because of the Supreme Court's 2000 decision in Green Tree Financial Corp.
SkyWest Airlines has also agreed to defer certain amounts that are otherwise payable to SkyWest under an existing United Express Agreement.
The Rt Rev John Sentamu and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Rt Rev Rowan Williams, wrote to Communities Secretary Hazel Blears to express agreement in principle to the move but concerns about timing.
The IRS does not suggest that any express agreement existed.
FedEx is a full participant in PowerTrack and an awardee under the Worldwide Express (WWX) contract, GSA Multiple Award Schedule, AMC's Domestic Express Agreement and DLA Small Surface package contracts.
Successor liability is a legal theory by which claims can be asserted against the buyer of assets even though there is no express agreement to assume such liabilities.