express displeasure

See: reproach
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She can express displeasure, volubly, in two or three languages; that's what it is to be intellectual.
However, the anti-corruption Vehari police failed to submit challan despite eight hearings of the case which caused the court express displeasure.
He described her death as 'her final walkout,' in apparent reference to her habit of leaving the room to express displeasure.
FAISALABAD -- Two children died after burying under a collapsed wall of seminary; their angry heirs and local residents attacked the seminary and damaged belongings inside that to express displeasure in Faisalabad.
Albanian opposition parties express displeasure due to the disrespect of 250,000 signatures of Albanians against Dick Marty's report.
Still, it is wonderful how the Queen can express displeasure with the turn of her head.
Too many drivers - Tony Stewart, Dale Jarrett and Ryan Newman - come to mind in recent races when they decided to let their cars do the talking when they want to express displeasure in a fellow driver.
Bush, who didn't mention the names of those he was disagreeing with, was not the only administration official to express displeasure with the anti-Islamic remarks.