express dissatisfaction

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Japanese airline ANA reported on Monday that the ANA Group Pilot Union, comprised of 619 pilots from four ANA subsidiary airlines, has threatened 24-hour strike action starting at midnight on Wednesday to express dissatisfaction with the management stance in the year-end round of talks.
WEST BROM have rejected a transfer request from Diomansy Kamara - the second star name in a week to express dissatisfaction with life at The Hawthorns.
Yet in the world of Odysseus there are temples at which to throw bricks; there are tangible ways to express dissatisfaction with his situation.
They were coming back after an R & R (rest and recuperation) visit home; they did express dissatisfaction that they had to be called up and be there.
Large majorities in almost every country express dissatisfaction with the way things are going in their own countries and in the world as a whole.
CLERGY and church workers are the latest to express dissatisfaction with their employment conditions.
People express dissatisfaction with all kinds of issues, including the weather, traffic, and other people's behaviors.
Pilot unions from Air Nippon, Air Nippon Network, Air Next and Air Central had planned the strike to express dissatisfaction with the management stance in their current round of summer talks.
Burbank resident Howard Rosenbach, founder of the grass-roots group Restore Our Airport Rights said he and others will attend the hearing to express dissatisfaction with several issues.
The planned strike action is intended to express dissatisfaction with ANA management's stance in their spring round of talks.