express opposition

See: protest
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Trump also appeared to reverse his opposition to a hike in the minimum wage, saying that while he did indeed express opposition to a higher minimum wage his campaigning has caused him to change his perspective.
On such basis, I support the syndicate's move towards Baabda Palace to express opposition to the ongoing presidential vacancy, and I urge all constituents of the civil society to press by democratic means on all political forces to respond to the public demand and ensure a quorum at the Parliament in order to elect a president as soon as possible," said the minister.
They crowded the Senedd to express opposition to universal access on Welsh rivers and land.
There are other ways to express opposition to it," she said in an appeal broadcast on government radio.
The rally aims to express opposition to the series of protests held last week in Sofia against the newly adopted (and newly vetoed) facilitated regime for construction of ski lifts and ski runs without changing the status of the land.
Musician Ryuichi Sakamoto said Tuesday he will organize a music festival in July to express opposition to nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons amid the ongoing crisis at the Fukushima Daiichi power plant.
We should express opposition soon'' to joining the trade talks, Komura said at the committee's first meeting.
express opposition of the Israeli violations and call for the liberation of
Chang Peng-tsao, chairman of the General Chamber of Commerce, ROC, said he may join leaders of other business associations to express opposition to the plan.
Affected Air Canada managers, retirees and AT&S employees had until 18 July 2009 to express opposition to the pension funding agreement, with the understanding that the proposal would be considered to be accepted if no more than one third expressed opposition.
Unlike Burma, we here in Wales live in a democracy where free speech and the freedom to express opposition to the ruling political party is tolerated.
Synopsis: The latest USA Today/Gallup poll finds attitudes about the Iraq war unchanged in the last two months, with a majority of Americans (57%) continuing to express opposition to it.