expressed opinion

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Not to be held," I murmured; and she whom the quayside called Madame Leonore closed her outstretched hand before my face and opened it at once to show its emptiness in illustration of her expressed opinion.
In short, Uncas and his father became converts to his way of thinking, abandoning their own previously expressed opinions with a liberality and candor that, had they been the representatives of some great and civilized people, would have infallibly worked their political ruin, by destroying forever their reputation for consistency.
In his expressed opinions of all performances in the Art of painting that were completely destitute of merit, Gowan was the most liberal fellow on earth.
On the issue of recalling two journalists in the framework of investigations over publishing news of confidential nature, Jreij expressed opinion that it falls in the interest of both journalists to reply to said court summoning.
TUNIS (TAP) - Minister of Justice Nadhir Ben Ammou said the "statement issued by the US Embassy in Tunis on the verdicts handed down against convicts in the attack on its premises last September 2012 have to be interpreted as a mere expressed opinion rather than an interference in judicial affairs or questioning of the independence of the judiciary.
Number of ministers expressed opinion against the law.
Burcuoglu said the French government was split over the bill as French Culture Minister Frederic Mitterand had expressed opinion against the bill during Thursday's at the lower house of the parliament.
While I am a passionate defender of free speech I think the time has come to examine carefully when a freely expressed opinion turns into something akin to victimisation and trial by media," she added.
In fact, while I have not heard a word of criticism directed at the BHA from my circle, a commonly expressed opinion is that, given identical circumstances, a less-high-profile trainer may now be commencing a career-ending ban.
His expressed opinion that voters are reluctant to loosen term limits is certainly not true of voters in Los Angeles (and probably elsewhere) who voted to extend the terms of the overpaid City Council.
THE most commonly expressed opinion in the past seven days is that Sean Connery deserves a knighthood.
Contrary to his expressed opinion, radicalism does count and always has, long before Modernism.