expressing disdain

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Lacking actual case law supporting her legal theory, she cited the animated cartoon "South Park" as proof that feces is a common means of expressing disdain.
Count me among this second group for whom expressing disdain for a man who showed the kind of courage that is beyond our conception would be the cruellest form of criticism.
The night of splendour was recorded in a glossy monograph with inscriptions such as `Our Congratulations to One of the Century's Most Extraordinary Individuals', endorsed by companies whose executives are on record as expressing disdain for the man.
2) Until the reader is well into the book, he will wonder why on earth that message ever needed to be written yet again, let alone so well, for we already have Albert Camus's L'etranger, which starts off on much the same note, expressing disdain for a mother's death with the deliberate intention of alienating the reader.
Grocery Stores and Mass Merchants Impacted the Most, with One in Two Shoppers Expressing Disdain over Lines at Registers
Multiculturalism is a self-destructive ideology," he said, expressing disdain for Norway s generous immigration policy.