expression of opinion

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The barrister was keen enough to divine that the banker would not have gone so far in his expression of opinion on any less solid ground than moral certainty.
In this expression of opinion every man present agreed--the lawyer even included.
This expression of opinion seemed, on the whole, to be favourably received; indeed, among the Kukuanas my utterances met with a respect which has never been accorded to them before or since.
Relieved by this expression of opinion, albeit it was vented upon empty air, Miss La Creevy trotted on to Madame Mantalini's; and being informed that the governing power was not yet out of bed, requested an interview with the second in command; whereupon Miss Knag appeared.
Lady Lundie stood her ground, plainly determined to force a serious expression of opinion from her brother-in-law.
Asima Jehangir, counsel of MQM informed the court that High Court has directly imposed ban on the statement of Altaf Hussain, which is violation of human rights of Altaf Hussain and expression of opinion.
NURO Chief condemned the acts of violence committed by straying factions that mistakenly believe they can emit certain signals through violent practices which do not live up to expression of opinion but are sheer chaos.
The organizers of the occupation were not satisfied with the official statement of the Academic Council on Monday, which claimed to support the freedom of public expression of opinion, but urged the students to find another form of protest, that would not disturb the academic process.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Saudi blogger Raif Badawi, who has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes and 10 years in prison for insulting Wahhabism, said his ordeal was merely because of an expression of opinion.
It is expected that no services or applications would be obstructed, the telcos insisted, while freedom of information and free expression of opinion will not be limited.
Qahtan underlined the Ministry's commitment to protect human rights, especially with regard to the expression of opinion, pointing that the Ministry gives the rights and freedoms a high priority.
While recognising organised and peaceful demonstrations as a civilised expression of opinion, the chamber dismissed acts of violence and sabotage as an abuse of freedom of expression.