expression of pain

See: plaint
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Moody's face contracted with a sudden expression of pain as he, too, recognized the voice.
To his surprise there appeared, in her place, a perfect stranger to him-- a gentleman, in the prime of life, with a marked expression of pain and embarrassment on his handsome face.
An expression of pain crossed his features, and he shuddered--but not from fear.
Her fingers twined together nervously in her lap, her eyes looked down again at the floor, and an expression of constraint settled on her face which looked almost like an expression of pain.
She rose from her knees and, with a piteous expression of pain in her face, came across the room to him.
The deepening expression of pain on Philip's face gave him a stronger resemblance to his boyish self, and made the deformity appeal more strongly to her pity.
Selfridge Merry looked genuinely alarmed, and an expression of pain and disgust settled on Mr.
Richard Turlington's heavy eyebrows contracted with an unmistakable expression of pain.
The old man drooped his head on one side and looked at him with an expression of pain, as if this were an unfeeling jest.
An expression of pain crossed Blanche's face while her step-mother was speaking.
Where was the expression of pain when his office collaborated with the accused to settle affidavits?
Take it right, this line above doesn't allude to insinuation of group or one person, rather it is an expression of pain about what was done stupidly that must be let go out of our chests.