expression of satisfaction

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That change in appreciation raises the question of whether it is the result of a more constructive PR strategy by the new Ahmet Davutoy-lu government, a genuine recognition by Ankara of the crucial importance of the EU accession process for the Turkish economy or an expression of satisfaction with the tone and content of the report.
While I accept his critical analogy, or expression of satisfaction, at the low levels, I respectfully point out that his criticism of politicians ignores that a Conservative politician (Rab Butler) introduced free grammar school education in the 1944 Act and a Labour politician (Clement Attlee) brought in the NHS in 1948, against the British Medical Association's wishes.
And their fans will plan an elaborate equaliser for every banner - and each expression of satisfaction over their distress - they were forced to endure while Neil Lennon's side dominated.
New Delhi, July 28 (ANI): Referring to the recently held foreign ministerial-level talks between India and Pakistan, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Thursday rejected inferences that there was any expression of satisfaction on 'the progress on Mumbai trial'.
The GPC said as an expression of satisfaction of such European support it decided to speed up the process of reaching an agreement regarding the Libya-European Framework agreement of partnership and cooperation between Libya and the EU.
Since these groups of respondents' level of satisfaction were reduced compared to the other group, one might wonder the seeming expression of satisfaction by the respondents as false.
I suspect my barista somehow also benefited from my expression of satisfaction.
Expression of satisfaction, after a smooth tasting drink perhaps
Eventually, she nodded off and I caught my first glimpse of that wonderful expression of satisfaction she has when, milk dribbling down her chin, she decides she's had her fill.
Before Premier League bosses could gag him, Reed claimed his extraordinary behaviour was merely an expression of satisfaction for playing the advantage when Vladimir Smicer was fouled seconds before Berger's shot.
Paul not only provides us with the capital necessary to achieve our growth plan, but it is also a tangible expression of satisfaction with the company's performance as well as recognition of the opportunity for future appreciation of value.
This is believed to be an American expression of satisfaction with an individual's performance.