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Barbie, looking drawn and tired, stood expressionless as Judge Cerdini read the verdict.
Neil Challis sat expressionless in the dock at Derby Crown Court as a judge gave him an indeterminate sentence and told him to serve a minimum of seven years behind bars.
From the onset, my daughter and I looked at each other in horror and within 20 seconds of that dreadful cacophony of featureless, expressionless, dull, boring non-event had decided we would leave at the first interval, which we did: 20 minutes was quite enough.
I almost felt sorry for the expressionless, heavy-booted Cybermen as they were obliterated with frightening ease by the ultimate killing machines with their plungers and lasers.
The teenager remained expressionless as he was brought into the courtroom, handcuffed to a guard.
As a graceless backing band thundered behind her, Cher's frozen face and voice were expressionless, and the material blended into a one-dimensional racket.
Single-file lines of expressionless soldiers, armed to the teeth and clad in black, marched into Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and began ordering its inhabitants at gunpoint to evacuate the city.
Frontman Kelly Jones was expressionless, virtually motionless and said very little during the set.
He stood expressionless as sentence was passed at the High Court in Edinburgh.
Maqsood, who remained expressionless as he was led from the dock, will be on the sex offenders' register for life over the attack in Billingham, Co Durham, last September.
The former Friends star, who has previously confessed to having the skin-smoothing injections once before, but didn't like the results, hates how it takes the character from people's faces and leaves them expressionless, Contactmusic reports.
Hoolichan, dressed in a shirt and tie, was expressionless and only spoke to confirm his name and address.