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Hypothesis 3: Among children aged from 3 to 5 years, mothers' positive expressiveness will positively predict knowledge of display rules, and mothers' negative expressiveness will negatively predict knowledge of display rules.
Participants were students from first to seventh periods of the course and voluntarily enrolled to participate in training "Vocal expressiveness and body to speak well in telejournalism".
Those who disagreed about behaviors reported pursuing the goals of relational continuation, negative expressiveness, and changing the target more than those who disagreed about ideas.
That expressiveness is an objective property of music means that qualified listeners agree, to a great extent, about their emotive descriptions of music.
Consonants' visual expressiveness is much lower, so they are highly dependable from neighbouring vowels.
evaluate the effects of musical expertise on emotional responses to musical structure and expressiveness, and assess the influence of formal training in music through covert, overt and physiological measures: musical expertise may enhance the effects of expressiveness on emotional ratings as well as on the facial muscle activity: the emotional richness of a given musical piece is dependent of the interpretation that the performer makes of it, music performance represents an important determinant of emotional expression and esthetic appreciation of music, whereas expressiveness amplifies the intended emotion conveyed by music structure, making music more engaging and more emotionally intense.
Firstly, the results indicated that personal growth, assertiveness, and emotional expressiveness were higher in working females than non-working females.
Given the historical intersection between publicness and blackness, the two terms become amalgamated, at least conceptually; as a result, the idea of expressiveness as a feature of black culture is wholly shaped by the discourse of publicness.
It is never fused into the expressiveness of the act of the poem's making, but continues to be in dramatic relationship with that expressiveness.
The figures seem to have the same mind-set and limited emotional range--there is certainly no testing of the limits of human expressiveness of the kind found in Franz Xaver Messerschmidt's outwardly comparable sculptural self-portraits.
But there is a certain expressiveness that is slowly coming back.