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The focus of this article is to analyze the broad statutory power of school boards to expropriate land for educational purposes, which is namely to expand or build new schools.
In the fall, the prefectural government will file an application with the ministry's local bureau for authorization to expropriate the remaining property under the land expropriation law, they said.
Central and local governments planning public works projects must submit files on the plots they want to expropriate to land expropriation panels to get approval.
On May 14, Canada's federal government filed a Notice of Intention to Expropriate the seabed by order of "Her Majesty the Queen .
The property is intended for the use by the SSS in the furtherance of its mandate, which is the subject of an Expropriation Case instituted by the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP), a private corporation with the general power to expropriate private property,' the OGCC said.
The Cabinet issued a decision last month to expropriate 388,000 square meters of olive groves in Soma in order to build a thermal power plant.
Doghlous told Gulf News that the Israeli military decision to expropriate the land is an extremely dangerous decision and he has urged US mediators to put pressure on the Israelis to reverse its decision and leave the land to its original owners.
There has been no indication that Venezuelan authorities intend to expropriate any of Dana's facilities;
Kyrgyzstan has the right to regulate, control foreign investments, as well as to nationalize, expropriate and transfer property, declared Vice Speaker Kubanychbek Isabekov during a meeting of the parliamentary faction of the Communist party today focused on nationalization of Kumtor mine referring to the article 2 of the Charter of Economic Rights and Duties of States.
A federal district court in Florida rejected their lawsuit in May, saying the Supreme Court has recognized the power of the Cuban government to expropriate property within its borders.
So far, figures of authority have been known to expropriate property, levy taxes, and make arrests on the basis of their own personal interests, while pocketing the goods and taxes extorted from religious communities under the threat of expropriations and imprisonment, said AsiaNews.
For that to happen, Latin American presidents must buy or expropriate if necessary fallow lands, paying market-value compensation.