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At least 142 hectares of land, including agricultural areas, will be expropriated for the airport expansion project.
Land expropriated for hospitals thus provides broad reaching services for individuals.
In 2004, the country expropriated PIATCO's newly built airport terminal in the capital city of Manila.
The concrete work focuses on providing support in agro-forestry and environmental work to the Forest Agricultural Service of the Hydrographic Confederation of the Tagus in the Agronomic Center Coria, nursery Romalo de Abajo, on the left bank of the area expropriated for reservoir construction Gabriel y Galn and other forest areas of the third area of ?
Al-Ghalib said that payments worth an estimated SR30 billion are yet to be made to the owners of lands which were expropriated for expansion projects.
Faraj Saleh pointing at his land expropriated by the government in Al-Huthaili district, northeast of Sana'a.
The government must follow the law as to what land may be expropriated and must observe the procedures set out in the legislation that generally serve to protect the private landowner.
5bn (SAR 133bn) to the owners of expropriated properties within the Grand Mosque northern courtyards' expansion project, according to Arab News .
The second article states that these will be expropriated in favor of the Nation, 'by reason of urgent social concern', according to a procedure established in Law 20 of March 27, 2009.
The receivers were acting on behalf of property owners whose lands were expropriated by the state but were not properly compensated for their loss.
2- The Cabinet's draft decision on the reformation of two panels to evaluate the expropriated real estates for public benefit and defining their functions.
Officials say the project has created a boom in the real estate market in Makkah and led to a rise in prices due to the large amounts disbursed to owners of expropriated property.