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With respect to compensation, "where land is expropriated, the expropriating authority shall pay the owner such compensation as is determined in accordance with this Act.
49) On August 27th 2015, the TCDSB voted in favor of expropriating seventeen homes in North York to expand St.
58) Ultimately, the TCDSB settled on what it determined to be a middle-ground approach by expropriating seventeen homes.
Interestingly, in a communication from the TCDSB, dated October 2013, the expropriation was not referred to as such: "The TCDSB is not expropriating, this is a voluntary sales and acquisition process.
The test by which the inquiry officer makes his assessment of the expropriation is whether the "taking of the land herein is not fair, sound and reasonably necessary, in the achievement of the objectives of the expropriating authority.
In addition, this study sheds light on some of the potential adverse legal implications that may occur as a result of the excessive expropriating power that boards of education have.
86) In spring 2013, Kara was advised that the HWDSB would be expropriating the land for the purposes of building a new school and moving to convey all lands to the City of Hamilton "for purposes of the City operating a seniors' center similar to the one that was going to be built by Kara.
Georghadji said that there "were weaknesses in planning" which among others resulted in authorities expropriating land so that it may be used as a school building in "the very long term for needs which may present themselves in 15 or 20 years".