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As we have seen, the most recurrent examples of scribal intrusion in the texts analysed are instances of deletion, either by cancellation or expunction.
meaning of expunction varies by state, a generally consistent trend is
Commanders may initiate adverse action, including bars to reenlistment or processing for elimination under applicable regulations against soldiers because of an inability to possess a firearm or ammunition due to conviction of a misdemeanor crime of domestic violence if the act of domestic violence that led to the conviction occurred after 30 September 1996 and after providing such soldiers a reasonable time to seek expunction of the conviction or pardon.
A record is "expunged" after a case is dismissed by the State or if the person is acquitted at trial through a petition for expunction or if the individual successfully complies with a Pre-Trial Diversion program.
Department of Public Safety officials say bills passed in the last few legislative sessions give them the green light to make anyone with a copy of the state's criminal records database pay expunction fees.
Suit seeks reversal of convictions and sentences, expunction of records of plaintiff's arrest and conviction and immediate release of plaintiff from custody of defendant.
5 In addition, the sealing and expunction statutes also preclude the removal from the public record of a number of offenses regardless of the withholding of adjudication.
142) A person may "petition for the expunction of a DNA record .
Immigration laws contain special provisions concerning the impact of expunction of criminal drug convictions.
Additionally, the person is entitled to automatic administrative expunction of his or her criminal record associated with the wrongful conviction.