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eleven provides the unique spam filter and email categorization service eXpurgate, eXpurgate reliably protects against all e-mail related threats such as spam, phishing and viruses while ensuring that no business-relevant email is wrongly classified as spam (Zero False Positve).
With its eXpurgate portfolio of managed services and software solutions, eleven continues to set new benchmarks in e-mail security for enterprises, organisations and government agencies.
The point emphasized by all the authors is that the Catholic Church's attempt to censor and expurgate texts was not limited to heretical theological texts.
The goal is not to purify, expurgate or interpret but to faithfully proclaim the gospel.
They often want the state to expurgate drugs or cigarettes" (Wagner, p.
The greatest immutable texts are those which spur the contemporaries of every era to expurgate, .
The latest version of eXpurgate provides customers with a reliable tool to protect themselves and the business," Rothe added.
The film had its Lebanese theatrical release at the beginning of May, and Lebanon's Catholic Information Council (CCI) this week filed a request with the General Security Directorate for it to expurgate specific scenes from the film, citing complaints the CCI has received in the last few days.
MAAWG General Meeting: Leading German Telecom Service Provider O2 Protects its Customers' E-mail Accounts With eXpurgate From Eleven
The company's eXpurgate technology, which combines efficient spam recognition with an extremely low false-positive rate, will integrate with Mailstream Manager to provide enterprises a powerful anti-spam solution to combat unsolicited and malicious email.
eXpurgate is the world's only spam filter and e-mail categorisation service that offers reliable protection against spam and phishing e-mails, recognises potentially dangerous e-mails and differentiates between individual e-mails and any kind of bulk e-mail.
On the eve of the 13th General Meeting of the Messaging Anti-Abuse Working Group (MAAWG) in Heidelberg, Germany, the Berlin-based email security specialist eleven has announced the continuation of its growth trend: there are currently more than 30,000 businesses worldwide that use eleven solutions - such as eXpurgate, the spam filter and email categorisation service.