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Interlude, paralude, play, jig, "themes," debate, arraignment, scolding bout, wrestling match, prizefight, bearbait, pantomime, recital, prose, verse, extemporal, rehearsed: these are the various modes against which Taylor and Fennor define their activity, and the cultural frames of reference needed to comprehend it.
Professional drama provided Nashe with a way of selling his prose, of rendering it marketable, but it also left him in something of a fix, confronting the problem of "how to write in a manner that is both extemporal and original" (112).
He cites scholars who hold that mythic events in Vedic texts, in particular the Rg Vedic story of Indra's freeing of the waters, are constantly repeated and observes that one use of the Vedic injunctive is to indicate such extemporal events.
This, Barbour explains, leads to "the extemporal invention or venting of a somatic prose that is elastic as well as material" (67).
I think a better example of the hidden pause is the moment of Ophelia's death: a dramatically extemporal, literally "ob-scene" event that needs to be related and interpreted.