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While extemporaneous oral song and written poetry are often perceived as a bawdy/illiterate versus moral/literate duality, Mack is adamant that each informs the other, and that it is through this process that multiple interpretations are enabled, performer and audience connect, and deeper meaning is made possible.
Information on Labels: When a naturopath, Western herbalist, homoeopath or nutritionist dispenses an extemporaneous preparation, the information on the label must include:
She is a good extemporaneous speaker because she makes her speeches personal and is very knowledgeable.
Finney "developed in Jefferson County the bridge between the Methodists' successful Arminianism, the extemporaneous preaching of the Baptists and Methodists, and the law-oriented theology of the Presbyterians.
No wonder Phil Neville insisted on an extemporaneous celebration in the centre circle so Bluebloods could chorus their approval of a mighty 90 minutes.
As you get older, it's poetry, prose, extemporaneous speaking, and then dramatic interpretation.
The result was extemporaneous preaching based on careful preparation.
It is every young pastor's worst nightmare--an extemporaneous prayer before thousands of people, who may or may not believe what you have to say.
For hours at a time, Chavez delivers his extemporaneous non sequiturs, threats and lies.
Our youth can simultaneously vocalize extemporaneous rhymes, improvise polyrhythmic beats, all while choreographing original dance routines.